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This is to certify that Julia Seiffert was serving a practical work experience with Emanon Medien GmbH

My name is Jan Carstens and I am the managing director of Emanon Medien GmbH.

Emanon Medien GmbH is a film production company. Founded at the beginning of 2000 in Cologne, our company quickly gained a high reputation and therefore expanded to London in cooperation with Image Dynamic Pictures. We provide a high quality standard in all aspects of audio-visual production. Emanon Medien GmbH is known for their innovative creation of funny advertising spots and outstanding music clips. We select our customers carefully to keep an independent producing character that allows us to make extraordinary films on a high quality level.
In the advertising field we represent directors like Nydrle, Florian Kehrer, Marielie Fröhlich, Rob Kelly, Marc Wilkins, Philip Dupee, Gernot Saiko and Peter Thwaites.

For the music business we promote the directors Stuart Gosling (Westlife, A1, Utah Saints, Lyndon David Hall, Lutricia Mc Neal) and Patrick Kiely. (A*Teens, Marcus Schenkenberg, No Curfew, Steps, Daniel Hall).
We also have an in-house director from Austria, Alexander Dombrowski, who is very well established in Austria and also very successful here in Germany with his “Hydro Fugal” - Deo Spot. With him we are flexible to take on jobs at short date and always have a professional supervisor at hand.
With this repertoire we are well established in the film production branch and look into a bright future.

Julia Seiffert worked for more than seven weeks in our company, commencing from the 16th of July 2001.
During this time she learned all aspects of the film production business:

She started off with learning about the technical equipment: How to set up and connect the different systems (VHS, Beta, Umatic, Digital Video) for copying and transferring video footage from one to another.

During her time at Emanon Medien GmbH she gained a deep insight into the audio-visual production and achieved a high standard in editing through many practical experiences in the post production of video footage.

She did editing with the Avid system and the latest version of Adobe Premiere.
First she learned how to digitalise video footage or upload it directly from DV tapes. Then she edited different types of advertising or music videos show reels. For that she used the simple effect devices of the Avid program like transition effects, title effects and motion effects.

She also worked with more complicated effects like picture-in-picture, box wipes, image effects and matrix wipes for which she had to handle the effect editor properly.

She started to edit her own video footage after her own creative ideas and produced from it a whole documentary movie in a length of about two hours. For that she created complicated title effects and cut them onto music, in rhythm with the song she imported from a QuickTime file.
Through her constant exercise on the Avid computer, we could gain from her experiences when we were producing five trailer as advertising spots for Interwait TV: As we organised an in-house casting, she digitalised the footage and edited it for the presentation for the client. By working with one of the directors on the cut of the casting, she quickly learned how to use the keyboard for a faster and more professional way of handling the Avid programme. In a very short time he explained some new tools to her, as he had a professional education as a cutter, and she was able to use her newly gained knowledge immediately and transform it into action for the final cut of the casting.

Next to this concentrated learning-by-doing of cutting on the Avid program, Julia could get a deep insight into the field of film production:

For Interwait TV, a new concept of an exclusive TV channel screened on special viewing chairs which are displayed in exclusive locations, we had a big project: the production of 5 advertising trailers. Julia took part in the whole process of it.
From our producer and production manager she learned a lot about the organisation and calculation of the whole shoot. She helped him setting up a concise disposition and was the contact person for the whole project.

For the in-house casting, that was organised directly by us, the production company, she did a great deal of organisation: She was responsible for the whole technical equipment to record the casting. We had the luck that she owns a digital video camera, which we used for the entire casting shoot. We welcomed her knowledge of handling the camera and processing the digital footage, especially as it is not standard yet in the film branch to work with DV. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to find people who know how to set up the computers and programs for the upload and post-production of digital video footage.
For the casting itself, Julia designed an application form that contains all information necessary to set up our own card file for future castings.
Again her connections through previous jobs brought us the contact of a casting agency, that provided us with several of the best actors of which two were successful to cast for our trailers.
During the shoot itself Julia was the contact person for everybody of the team and was successfully responsible for the communication between the team and the suppliers or other organisations affected by the shoot. When we had to make spontaneous changes in our timing or planning, she reacted quickly and reassured a smooth work-flow.
Julia also worked on the final cut of this project, which will be screened soon. She could learn a lot from our professional cutters and after a quick briefing she did some of the editing by herself. We could see how quick she had improved her Avid skills: From basic working knowledge she developed to the quality of a professional cutter within only one month.

Besides these insights into the film production, where she gained a lot of experience, Julia also helped us a lot in the daily working process of our company:

She was responsible for the daily reception work like answering the phone and general correspondence with clients or suppliers. We were happy about her friendly and helpful way of dealing with questions and demands even in stressful situations. Julia was also of great help with the written correspondence: Because of her excellent typing skills we could get emails, faxes, letters, briefings, tables, calculations etc. done quicker which enabled a fast and reliable communication with our clients. We often could take advantage out of her broad computer knowledge: She works professionally and self confident with all office programs, either on a Macintosh or of Microsoft, and whenever we had a problem with opening or converting a file or put it into the right format, she found a solution within short time. She always kept an eye on our stock and organised to fill up missing items on time.

Another quality we could benefit from was her knowledge of the advertising branch she had from her previous jobs with Ogilvy & Mather and Wunderman Cato Johnson when she did research work for getting us PR contacts.

We highly appreciated her ability to translate documents from English to German and vice versa. She did a great creative job on the translation of briefings and treatments with capturing the original intention and creation of mood and atmosphere of the client or director. We know perfectly well how difficult it is to find the right expressions especially with creative texts that contain a lot of subtle messages and try to create a sense of feelings. Her translation brought us not only brilliant results with matching exactly the artistic touch of the original script, Julia also worked very concentrated and productive, she almost translated simultaneously with reading the original text. With that she exceeded our expectations. Her language skills also made a good impression in the daily correspondence with our clients.

In addition, she often helped our sister company, Brand New Day, an advertising agency specialised on all fields of digital creation like the production of web sites, layouts, animations or digital movies for the Internet or CD-ROMs. For them she often digitalised little product-movies and converted them into a digital format after doing the post-production they wanted. Once, when they could have gotten behind the timing, because an employee was ill, she spontaneously replaced her with great success.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Julia, as she did not hesitate to ask questions for making sure that she understands what is expected before jumping into things. As she thinks very well ahead she often could mention explicit and logical suggestions for improving the working processes. She by herself always worked focused on the task and very productive with high quality results. Still, she was always open for feedback and criticism, she often asked for it actively, which shows that she looks after her self-improvement. She is a very well rounded team player, who also did a great job on introducing the next trainee into the working process with teaching her everything she had learned in our company and helping her getting started.

We wish her all the best for her future engagements and I recommend her very highly to any future employer.
Julia has much to offer any company lucky enough to have her.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email at
[email protected] if you have any questions.


Jan Carstens
Emanon Medien GmbH


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Reference from Jan Carstens
Managing Director
Emanon Medien GmbH