Reference from Brian Mc Clain
Managing Director


To whom it may concern,


My name is Brian McClain. I am the author and editor of a popular guidebook entitled The Beijing Guidebook. I am also currently developing an educational software product called LanguageMax, which is designed to teach English and other major languages over the Internet. LanguageMax is to be directed primarily at Chinese students of English, although it will serve to teach English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese to Internet users around the world. The release date for LanguageMax is mid-2001.

From June to September 2000, I had the good fortune of being able to work with Ms Julia Seiffert in New York on the LanguageMax project. Based on her excellent performance, everyone in our organization predicts a bright future for Julia. In fact, we are hoping to be able to hire her as Director of European Operations for LanguageMax if she is still available at launch time.

Julia performed many key tasks for the project, exhibiting a wide array of talents. Specically, Julia provided:

  • Advertising consulting services. Drawing on her experience working for major advertising agencies in Europe, Julia provided valuable advice on how LanguageMax could best be marketed to potential advertisers.
  • Presentation and video production services. Julia worked closely with our multimedia director, helping to script and shoot a video describing the LanguageMax learning system. Julia acted as presenter and on-camera narrator for this video. We were delighted with her work and found her to be a very engaging and professional presenter.
  • Translation and curriculum design. Julia proved indispensable in preparing the LanguageMax script and lesson plans, and translated the English language version into German. She also provided the audio for our German language version of LanguageMax.

In performing her many demanding tasks, Julia displayed a number of excellent qualities that would be of immense value to any organization lucky enough to have her onboard. Specifically:

  • Julia showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the project and was committed to the project’s success.
  • Julia proved herself to be extremely intelligent, highly analytical, exceptionally creative and very well organized. She has the ability to grasp key concepts quickly and then to synthesize them with her own good ideas and insights.
  • Julia is a very good communicator and people person, with a natural charisma that makes it very easy for her to establish rapport with others.
  • It is quite clear to me that Julia would do an excellent job dealing with clients or the public on behalf of any organizaiton she represented.
  • Julia leads by example by working hard, and by maintaining a very positive, upbeat attitude. In so doing, she motivates and inspires those she works with. Throughout our collaboration, she never failed to speak up when she had a good idea, which was often, but she also showed herself to be very respectful of other people's opinions and efforts.
  • Julia possesses a great deal of poise and maturity for someone of such a young age. She took her work seriously, readily accepted responsibility and always met her objectives and deadlines.

In short, I highly recommend Julia to any and all prospective employers, and am only sorry that this recommendation may cause someone else to snap her up before we have the necessary venture capital to enable us to hire her fulltime.


Brian McClain


862 Sixth Avenue
New York 1001, USA